NASA robot detects massive Mars quake that shatters all previous records

NASA has many ways to observe Mars, and one of them is the agency’s InSight lander, which was designed to measure the planet’s interior and allow researchers to develop a better understanding of Mars. the history, present and future of Mars.

In the past, the InSight lander, which first landed on Mars in November 2018, detected marsquakes and measured them with his seismometer, its main scientific instrument. Now, according to a study recently published in the log The seismic recordthe InSight lander detected two large mars quakes that broke off all records previously set. The first was detected on August 25, 2021, followed by the second on September 18, 2021.

The first earthquake was labeled S0976a and lasted several seconds before passing. The InSight lander’s instruments recorded a magnitude of 4.2. The second quake lasted much longer than the first, spanning a span of 94 minutes before passing. The 94-minute Martian earthquake is now the longest Mars quake ever detected by humans. Notably, both Marsquakes came from across Mars, with most of the previously recorded Marsquakes tracing their origins to sources near the InSight lander.

Not only are they the largest and most distant events by a considerable margin, but S1000a has a spectrum and duration unlike any other event observed before. These are truly remarkable events in the Martian seismic catalog,“said the study’s lead researcher, Anna Horleston.

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