Macross Delta’s Latest Transformer Robot Gets Expensive New Figure


Bandai unveils a first look at the next entry in its DX Chogokin line, a fully transformable action figure from the new VF-31AX from the latest Macross movie.

Macross’ final transforming Valkyrie jet will be the next giant robot to receive the DX Chogokin treatment from Bandai.

As reported by Crisp, Bandai’s DX Chogokin line is a collection of mecha figures specifically aimed at the high-end collector market. Although expensive, the figures in the range generally offer a higher level of detail and build quality than other giant robot figures or stock model kits. The new VF-31AX Kairos Plus figure continues this tradition: with an asking price of 23,000 yen (around $ 200), it doesn’t come cheap, but it does come with a variety of accessories, including alternate hands, several gun pods, a decorative display, and a knife for close quarters combat. Like previous DX Chogokin Macross figures, the VF-31AX can completely transform between the robot’s jet fighter, Gerwalk, and Battroid modes. The Valkyrie stands approximately 8 inches tall in its robot mode and also comes with a miniature pilot ace figure and Macross Deltahis best daughter, Mirage Farina Jenius. The Mirage figure can be placed inside the cockpit.

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The VF-31AX debuted in the last Macross movie, Macross Delta: Zettai Live !!!!!!, which released in Japan earlier this month. The film tells an original story that sees the Walkure sound unit and the Delta Flight pilots who are tasked with protecting them, encounter a new threat and a new competing group. The film also features the return of Max Jenius, Mirage’s grandfather and a key character from the original. Macross Super Dimensional Fortress, which was originally released in 1982. Max was last seen in the 1994 sequel series, Macross 7. Zettai Live !!!!!! was screened alongside The labyrinth of time, a new short film that continues the story of one of the previous Macross series, years 2008 Macross border. The short film featured new music by composer Yoko Kanno.

Kanno also worked on the years 1995 Macross More, which will be re-released in US theaters on December 14 as a one-night Fathom event. Macross More was the first directorial work of Shinichiro Watanabe, who would later go on to direct the famous 1998 animated series Cowboy Bebop, for which Kanno also wrote the soundtrack. Macross MoreThe theatrical release will mark the franchise’s first release of material in the United States in over a decade; previously, a long-standing legal battle between Japanese rights holders over the Macross franchise and Harmony Gold, the owners of the Robotech series, prevented the release of Macross or one of its many suites outside of Japan. The legal battle was finally settled in May.

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Source: Crisp

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