FDA Clears eCential Robotics Spine Surgery Robot

The robotic arm of the eCential Robotics platform for spine surgery [Image courtesy of eCential Robotics]

French robotic spine surgery technology company eCential Robotics announced today that it has received FDA clearance for its robotic 3D imaging, navigation and guidance system.

Thanks to recent partnerships with US implant companies, France-based eCential Robotics plans to begin selling its surgical robotics system in North America. The company has already sold 10 systems in Europe, with more than 2,000 surgeries.

“The FDA clearance of the eCential Robotics Unified Platform recognizes the reliability and robustness of our product, confirms confidence in eCential Robotics’ unique concept of focusing surgical workflows on the essentials through a unified system , open and multi-application, and also encourages our ambition to expand our footprint in the United States,” said Laurence Chabanas, Chief Strategy Officer and US CEO of the company.

Surgical robotics is a hot field, with a host of competing companies. Medical technology giant Medtronic is currently the dominant player in the field of robotic spine surgery with its Mazor robots. Medtronic posted record sales of its StealthStation, O-arm and Mazor navigation systems in its latest quarter. [Here’s a roundup of 16 surgical robotics companies you need to know.]

eCential Robotics officials believe they have an advantage because their system unifies intraoperative 2D/3D imaging, navigation and robotics. A unified system avoids unreliable calibration and registration steps and other pitfalls involved with traditional image navigation pairing, according to the company. It also streamlines the surgical workflow and automates technical steps.

The eCential Robotic system has a single user interface for all devices. It is also possible to use the system with implants from any manufacturer.

Currently operating on spine surgery applications, the company plans to expand the system’s uses to other bone surgery indications in the future.

The company’s CTO, David Armand, said, “With always huge potential for innovation, eCential Robotics simplifies the entire workflow for a seamless surgical experience.

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