Evermotion 3 Mechanical Paint Parts Restoration Solution

Evermotion 3 Mechanical Paint Piece Restoration is another new puzzle event in Genshin Impact, and we have the ready-made solution for you.

Evermotion 3 Mechanical Paint Parts Restoration Solution

The Evermotion Mechanical Paint Pieces Restoration 3 Puzzle adds a new tool into the mix, much like Pieces Restoration 2 did with the introduction of Tiered Systems. This time we have to consider a Duplex gear, which interacts on the two elevation levels available with gears of different sizes.

This being the new mechanic, you would expect us to use it here – and we do. You can start this puzzle by placing a large gear in the only slot it will fit, position 5. You can then power up this gear by adding a small gear in position 3.

After which drop the Duplex gear in position 7. You may need to use the flip option provided in the lower right corner, you will want the smaller side of the Duplex gear at the top as the large gear does not will not be able to log in. with it and feed it by turning if it’s the other way around.

From there, you just need to place two final medium gears in positions 4 and 6 to power the final gear needed to complete the puzzle. These gears will need to be placed on the upper level for the Duplex gear we placed earlier to power them, but if you start by placing the gear in position 6 this will happen automatically, as it cannot fit on the lower level .

complete the Evermotion 3 mechanical paint parts restoration puzzle
Credit: HoYoVerse, TheClick.GG

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That’s it for the Evermotion Mechanical Paint Parts 3 Restoration solution, the duplex gears complicate things a bit, but as long as you remember we’re working on two separate levels, it’s not too complicated yet. We can probably expect things to get more complex as this event unfolds, as it’s typical Genshin Impact at work.

Remember to claim your reward from the event screen afterwards, they are not awarded automatically.

If you haven’t started these puzzles yet, the Evermotion 3 Mechanical Paint Piece Restoration Puzzle can be started by talking to Felix in Mondstadt, pictured below. You can start all of the event’s puzzles through its “Restore Mechanical Paint Parts” dialog option.

speak with Felix to start the Evermotion puzzle Restoring Mechanical Paint Pieces 2
Credit: HoYoVerse, TheClick.GG

Felix is ​​located in the courtyard near the base of the Knights of Favonius. This puts it in Mondstadt, and quite close to a teleport beacon as well. There’s no reason not to do this quick puzzle to claim free Primogems when it’s readily available.

Looking at the upcoming roster of characters featured in Banners 3.0, you’ll probably want as many Primogems as possible in the meantime.

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