Bandai Premium has tons of awesome Anime goodies available for pre-order – GeekTyrant

Premium Bandai recently launched pre-orders for a variety of awesome new items. You can find all the new stuff on the Premium Bandai site (affiliate link) but I’ve included a few highlights in this article. First, we’ll cover Sailor Moon (affiliate link). Now available for pre-order, the StyleDolls for Princess Serenity and Sailor Chibi Moon. These dolls seem to have good facial and clothing details. If you are a doll collector and like Sailor Moonthese look like great additions that will retail for $48 each and pre-orders will end on October 28 with shipping expected in January 2023.

Then let’s talk Digimon (affiliate link)! For $130 you can pre-order any of the 3 D-Arks from Digimon Tamers until October 21 with expected delivery in November 2022. It looks like you also have maps to scan with the D-Ark, which is pretty cool. There’s also the Digimon Imperialdramon Shodo Action Figure available for $40 through August 31 with expected delivery in December 2022. The figure can transform between Dragon Mode and Fighter Mode so you can set up the perfect scene .

Although there is a bit more, I wanted to end with Gundam (affiliate link). There are many Gundam models available in many different series. Some great highlights include the RG 1/144 Expansion Kit for God Gundam, which isn’t the model itself, but it comes with lots of effects, mounts, and even the Fuunsaiki mecha horse. There is also the MG 1/100 Gundam Fenice Rinascita Alba, Metal Robot Spirits Gundam Kimaris Vidar, and more.

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