10 Weirdest Nintendo Bosses

When it comes to video games, Nintendo is sometimes excluded from the same conversations as Sony or Microsoft. On the bright side, it only spurred them to focus on building winning franchises and gaming mascots, turning them into one of the biggest first-party developers in the business.

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Nintendo is never afraid to embrace its weirdest impulses, and this has resulted in some particularly bizarre boss battles on their game consoles, some of which are hard to believe are actually real. It was because of this that they created a voracious fandom that followed them through eclectic console experiences.

ten Paper Mario: The Origami King turns office stationery into killer enemies

The paper mario has become one of Nintendo’s weirdest entities, and seven titles have been released since its Nintendo 64 debut in 2000. paper mario newest title for the Switch, The king of origami, is a satisfying return to form for the series. However, the origami aesthetic results in some of the most surreal boss battles in the franchise.

The king of origami embraces an evil stationery theme, where many of the game’s toughest fights are against crayons, rubber bands, a hole punch, scissors, or a stapler. All of these desktop tools make for some bizarre fights, but Mario’s feud with a giant tape dispenser is by far the most unusual.

9 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle introduces a terrifying new hybrid creature

It’s always exciting whenever Nintendo allows its more established characters to indulge in dumber experiments. The Rabbids branch of the Rayman was one of Nintendo’s weirdest series. Inexplicably, the chaotic world of Rabbids intersects with the Mushroom Kingdom in a turn-based tactical shooter.

Mario Kingdom Battle + Rabbids gets plenty of mileage from disturbing Rabbid variations of classic Mushroom Kingdom residents. In a few rare cases, this results in an increased boss battle, such as the one with Rabbid Kong. This Donkey Kong and Rabbid hybrid is hard to accept and a decidedly weirder variation than something like Dry Bowser.

8 The legend of the mystical ninja kashiwagi is a giant Kabuki robot battle

The Legend of the mystical ninja series has a Japanese sense of humor which the localizations thankfully do their best to preserve. The SuperNintendo mystical ninja the entries are all weird, but the franchise’s big Nintendo 64 upgrade ticks a high note.

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mystical ninja 64 is one of the best 3D action-adventure platformers on the console, and it rocks with several larger-than-life boss battles that look to the giant robot and kaiju genres for inspiration. Goemon fights in a giant mech, Impact, as he takes down other colossal threats. Kashiwagi looks like a kabuki performer, which only accentuates the bizarre nature of Mystical ninja.

seven No More Heroes Skilled Illusionist Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarski Turns The Tables On Travis Touchdown

The more heroes franchise is an over-the-top exercise in violence that debuted on the Wii and continues to build a special relationship with Nintendo. more heroes further reflects on its over-the-top boss fights, which are even the focus of some entries in the series.

There’s a case to be made for how each more heroes boss could qualify here, but Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarski is particularly odd. The magician pushes Travis out of his comfort zone with teleportation tactics, destructive homing doves, and clever stylistic tricks like flipping the screen upside down with his magic.

6 Super Mario RPG’s killer wedding cake causes more than indigestion

Super Mario RPG is a great combination of Nintendo Super Mario characters and environments with the pristine RPG gameplay that Square is known for. Super Mario RPG covers many classic Mushroom Kingdom antagonists as well as some intimidating new faces. A disastrous marriage turns a gigantic cake into a self-aware sentinel.

Bundt is really unusual, especially since he poses a legitimate challenge and has a fair amount of HP. It’s a particularly devastating blow to be defeated by a pastry so early in the RPG adventure. Any difficulty against Bundt stings even more after the fight ends abruptly, with Booster’s appetite getting the better of him.

5 Conker’s Bad Fur Day’s The Great Mighty Poo Tests Audience Limits

Rare had a reputation for building family franchises, which made it a perfect fit for Nintendo’s values. It’s all thrown out the window with Conker’s Bad Fur Day, one of the few titles to receive an M-Rating on the Nintendo 64. Conker’s Bad Fur Day embraces controversy with levels and characters filled with intense violence, sexual humor, and rude characters.

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One of the most ridiculous examples of this is the boss, The Great Mighty Poo, a sentient force of excrement who engages in a musical showdown with Conker until he’s hit with enough toilet paper. He’s a weird boss, especially for a Nintendo game.

4 Big John from Viewtiful Joe 2 is a giant fire-breathing lizard

Originally finding life on the Gamecube, Capcom stylized Joe seeing it The beat-’em-up action series is long overdue for a sequel or reboot. The Joe seeing it the games turn to Hollywood for a devious, self-aware narrative that combines superpowers with spectacular stunts. Viewtiful Joe 2 is bigger and better in every way, including its boss fights.

Big John becomes a recurring nuisance throughout the sequel, and each feud against him grows more ridiculous. Big John is a rowdy fire-breathing dinosaur that goes the extra mile and packs explosive firepower. Big John takes the “bear with a chainsaw” idea and pushes it to incredible proportions.

3 EarthBound’s Giygas is an existential threat that forces the player to consider big ideas

The Mother trilogy is arguably one of the toughest and most ambitious RPG franchises to appear on Nintendo hardware. The Super Nintendos Earthbound received a healthy North American push, and the series’ mid-entry is in some ways the weirdest. The game’s final fight is against Giygas, a cryptic creature that defies belief.

Giygas’ nebulous nature makes for a confusing encounter, but the way the player defeats him involves praying to the world for help. It’s an odd tactic, though it beautifully amplifies the battle of good versus evil that’s at stake.

2 Super Mario World 2’s Prince Froggy Fight puts the player in the belly of the beast

the original Super Mario World helped turn the Super Nintendo into a 16-bit success story, and the game’s sequel, Yoshi’s Island, is somehow even better. Baby Mario’s mechanic isn’t for everyone, but it takes the standard platforming formula forward in undeniable ways. There’s a lot of creativity on display when it comes to the sequel’s boss fights.

Prince Froggy initially appears to be an average amphibian, only for Yoshi and Baby Mario to be consumed by the creature and fight the boss battle from its womb. It’s an unusual change of pace that makes Prince Froggy’s uvula Yoshi’s ultimate target.

1 Star Fox’s Galactic Slot Is The Weirdest Anachronism

the original star fox for the Super Nintendo is a groundbreaking experience that pushes console hardware to its limits. the original star fox is a quaint on-rails shooter that embraces its harsh polygonal visuals. Many star fox the bosses feel like random alien dangers, but none can compete with the game’s gigantic slot machine.

This obstacle bombards the player with enemy ships until they score a triple seven on this outdated machine. One would think that a game called star fox and features anthropomorphic animal assault fighters that might not shock its audience, but no one expects or understands the weirdness of the slot.

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