Is loan consolidation good -Should I consolidate loans?

Should I consolidate loans?

consolidation of loans

Loan consolidation is the combination of several  loans, the aim being to reduce repayments, get better interest rates. It is possible to consolidate loans in

“Thanks to the refinancing of loans, the client can only repay one loan instead of several with more favorable conditions and, if necessary, increase the new loan,” explains Anna from NBSB Bank. “When linking multiple loans to a single client, they usually get better terms, a lower rate and an installment than if they were paying multiple older loans separately.

Moreover, if it has loans in one bank, it better manages its budget and has a simpler overview, ”adds Marta from Slank Bank. Therefore, it may be possible to save money on more favorable terms, and a smaller loan repayment compared to loans disbursed will help stabilize the family budget. However, if a refinancing loan does not offer more favorable parameters than your current loans, transferring loans from the bank to the bank is just a waste of time.

Benefits of consolidation

Benefits of consolidation

One of the benefits of consolidating loans is that the amount that the client will spend on his / her monthly loan to repay loans will change. In the case of a consolidation loan, monthly borrowing costs are usually reduced and some banks even allow the client to choose the installment amount. However, the amount of the installment depends on the resulting interest and maturity of the new loan. If the loan was not secured by property or real estate, refinancing is very easy.

Most of the time, a client’s identity card or original loan agreement is sufficient for the client, according to Cheska, most of the information can be obtained from the bank through queries to registers. If the client refinances the mortgage, in addition to the new contracts and the payment of the old debt it is also necessary to transfer the lien in the cadastre.

A new bank refinancing a loan may also require a new real estate appraisal, especially if the original is older than a few years. In the case of a mortgage, the bank will pay directly from the new loan liabilities in another bank, or the payment will be checked subsequently – depending on how it is contractually agreed. When refinancing consumer loans, the bank checks the obligations paid. However, it may ask the client to demonstrate that he has actually paid off the obligation.

Bank requirements


The Bank’s standard requirement is the issuance of loan disbursements under a loan agreement. “The client is obliged to repay the loans in the contract and the bank checks compliance with the obligation by requesting credit registers. We do not contact the client until we find out that he has not repaid the original loans after our loan, ”says Zuzana from UnliLoan Bank.

To get reasons a debt consolidation loan


Bankate is digesting the acquisition of Xiobank, which will increase its branch network by 25 percent and help raise more House and retail deposits. In May 2010, Bankate’s branch network had crossed the 2,000 mark, compared with 1,419 at the end of March 2009.

Debt consolidation loan

Debt consolidation loan

But the borrower cannot worry about choosing the best option for the need for money. There are finance websites providing very smart that offer complete information detailing every type of loan and offers. The current market offers different types of loans. The main types are, debt consolidation loans, home owner loans, home equity loans, bad credit loans and much more.
Before making any offer on a home mortgage, make sure that your finances are in order. Check your credit, research home loans, and contact a reputable lender in your pre-qualification area for a loan. This will give you support during the negotiations.

Meaning, how was China ever set to lead the world in recovery when China still so dependent on exports for a weak global economy? How can Chinese business activity is really reaping with falling electricity usage rather than rising?

Cheap loans

Cheap loans

Now, how do you know if these online sites that offer cheap loans are reliable? The best thing you can do to determine reliability is and their services is to check on their websites. You can get contact information on these sites you can use to call and confirm or information on them by speaking personally to their staff. You can also visit their offices or branches when you have them right nearby, where you currently reside. Meet with them in person, talk about their home loans in person with those who are experts on how their loan system works could even motivate you to make use of their cheap home loans for a home of your choice.

Although always in credit card financial debt is easy to do, getting it is something that requires a great deal of features. Even in the case of visiting an agency or company that focuses on helping individuals out of debt, has it won? It happens during the night. To get out of financial debt, it will really take some time and work as you get the debt under control and start the long process of rebuilding your credit.

Once you are sure about data privacy and secure security, then try to read the company’s privacy policy. In that business policies will guarantee that they are not going to share your personal information with any other person. There should be discretion in the procedure.

Loan with restriction on name: Can it be achieved? – Low interest

1: Real Estate Refinancing or Vehicle – ONLINE

1: Real Estate Refinancing or Vehicle - ONLINE

Who is it for? If you have a property or vehicle in your name it is ideal because the interest rates are quite low.

This is a secured loan (in this case, a property or car is placed in guarantee in case you do not pay the installments on time). Since the bank is sure to receive your payment (at worst it sells the good of the guarantee and removes the debt), you will get very low interest rates.

In addition to having a low interest rate, the amounts ceded by the financial institution are usually high and the term of payment can also be quite extensive. The value of the loan often reaches up to 70% of the good put into collateral.

So it is important to make it clear: if the debt is not paid, you will lose the good. So, only use this option if you have a good plan and you are sure that you will be able to pay the debt.

An example of a financial institution that makes this online service is Crediter. You can check more on their site:

Loan with Property in Warranty Loan with Vehicle in Warranty

To learn more about real estate refinancing (sometimes called a mortgage or fiduciary alienation), click here.

To learn more about refinancing, click here.

2: Pawn

Who is it for? If you have a valuable asset (a jewelry, expensive watch, etc.) to put on collateral.

It is an alternative that does not require proof of income, nor credit analysis. All for one simple reason: the applicant leaves a valuable asset as collateral.

However, the loan repayment terms are shorter, usually up to four months. In this way, one must be sure to be able to pay off the debt. Otherwise, the pawned object goes to the auction.

In Brazil, the pledge can only be made by Caixa Econômica Federal.

3: Payroll Credit – ONLINE

3: Payroll Credit - ONLINE

Who is it for? If you are a salaried employee, public servant, retiree or INSS pensioner .

Interest rates are very low because your salary “serves as a guarantee” of the loan. After all, the portion of the loan is already deducted directly from your salary, which gives greater security that the bank will receive the payment back.

However, be aware of the high interest rates. There are financiers who, despite lending only to the payee’s public, charge high interest. To clear the question of what is high or what is low, use our loan simulator.

Payroll can also be used to pay off past debts, and can clear your name. That’s because interest rates are usually inviting. Review your case and see if it is worth exchanging your current debt for the payday loan.

If you have credit card debits or overdrafts, this type of loan – along with the refinancing option – with restriction is a good alternative as it may have lower interest rates.

If you are a federal public servant, retiree or pensioner of the INSS or the Armed Forces, we recommend knowing the “bxblue” because interest rates are low and the process is all online .

4: Microcredit

4: Microcredit

Who is it for? If you are investing in your own business, be it formal or informal. Microcredit does not need guarantees.

Microcredit is a small-value lending program for formal and informal microentrepreneurs, often without access to the traditional financial system. It is usually sponsored by the government as a way to promote development by supporting the production of small entrepreneurs.

The cool thing about this system is that during the loan you will have the assistance of a microcredit agent who will help you to boost your business.

Several banks have microcredit lines, with amounts of up to R $ 20,000 and interest rates that revolve around 29% per year (June 2017 data) .

If you want to know more about Microcredit and know where to get this type of loan, click here. (Our Microcredit page is very good, worth seeing!).

5: P2P Loan Sites for Microentrepreneurs – ONLINE

5: P2P Loan Sites for Microentrepreneurs - ONLINE

Who is it for? If you are an Individual Microentrepreneur or a member of a company, this may be an option for you!

The new network technologies are enabling a phenomenon that will reshape the future: connect directly who wants to invest with who wants to borrow . It is called peer-to-peer ( peer-to-peer) lending.

In this type of site, you register your business, speak to what you want the loan and look for investors. Interest rates are usually lower because of the lower presence of middlemen on the way.

In Brazil, there are currently few sites that operate in this system. Three of them are:

  • BIVA
  • Nexoos
  • Captamoney (not peer-to-peer, but it’s for business or MEI).

6: Emergency Loan – ONLINE

6: Emergency Loan - ONLINE

Who is it for? If you can not opt ​​for any of the others and the loan is urgent, this can be a way out. Interest rates are high and values ​​are low , but the clearance on your account is quick.

We recommend 2 trusted places that provide this service:

From $ 200 to $ 800 – Moneyman

Moneyman specializes in lending small amounts, and can even lend to negatives. The interest is high interest, but the service is online and the money falls fast in the account. One difference with Moneyman is that the loans are progressive: you start with a loan of only 3 months, with a maximum amount of $ 800 . As you evolve (and prove to be a good payer), they release you options of higher values ​​and deadlines.

From R $ 500 to R $ 3500 – Laoanic

Laoanic follows the same scheme as Moneyman: low values, high interest rates, fast service and online, even for those with a name restriction in the market. The interest rates are quite high, and can reach more than 15% per month.

Again, the advantage of Laoanic lies in the agility of the money release and the online process (you do not have to go to an agency).

The two sites above, although they are not financial institutions registered by the Central Bank, are banking correspondents of authorized banks. Read more about the online loan sites in the “Low Interest Tests” section of our blog.

Ever tried to renegotiate your debt?

Ever tried to renegotiate your debt?

Some companies can help you with this renegotiation:

  • Clean Name Serasa Consumer
  • [SCPC] Positive Consumer – Online Dealer
  • Kiting
  • I want to remove
  • Right agreement

Search before you buy

Search before you buy

The tip that you use to make purchases in the market is also good for the world of loans: compare the banks to check the lowest rates!

In short, in order to benefit from the restricted loan, it is necessary to assess the value of the loan and the time given for debt settlement. Depending on the case, the most feasible is to negotiate the previous debts first by clearing the name for then borrowing the loan.

To learn more about the credit options that are right for your goals, read our other texts and be sure to contact us in any way if you have any questions. Comment and send a message. Of course, you will have all the information you need to make the best decision.

Apply for Loans without Payroll or Aval

Requesting loans without payroll

Requesting loans without payroll

Requesting loans without payroll or endorsement is possible and there are a number of possibilities to do so. By not asking for many requirements to grant this type of loans, the financial institutions that grant them will not give you much, and it is normal to request mini-credits or micro-credits online up to € 800. The only requirement that they usually request is not to be on lists of defaulters such as  Financial Credit Institutions.

To apply for loans without payroll or pension, it is usually necessary to provide a photocopy of ID and be of legal age. With this they will verify that you are not in lists of defaulters and they will grant you the loan quickly. To request it the simplest and fastest is to do it online, although some entities allow it to be done by phone or sms once the first loan is requested.

This type of companies warn that each one is responsible for returning the loans in the term contracted and if you do not, they can include you in the files of defaulters, so before requesting this type of loans make sure you can return the amount borrowed in the agreed term. In some of the entities it is possible to increase the term of return, but you will pay much more for the money lent.

It is possible to compare the different financial entities of fast online loans in websites such as, which offer all the necessary information to make the online application and the possibility of requesting fast loans without endorsement, without payroll or pension, and even loans with Financial Credit Instituions. Compare quick loans will make you get better conditions for your borrowed money, since you will choose the loan that best suits your needs and with the best interest rates.


You can get more information about quick credits and mini- credits in the articles that we publish regularly on this website, your quick loans website and all the ways to obtain financing quickly or in exceptional conditions.

Online payday loan direct lenders-Apply for a payday loan online direct lender

Do you want to borrow money now? It is possible to immediately take out a loan and have money when you need money urgently!

Apply for a payday loan online with direct lender

You are not the only one who needs some extra money. Everyone is sometimes short of cash. It is as pleasant as you in all circumstances have the opportunity to quickly get some extra money. In addition to loans at the bank, there are now loans on the market that you can always close, despite the situation. Moreover, you have money on your account with payday loan online direct lender at Borrowing money now is not a problem, so if you’re short of time!

Now borrow money via the internet

Borrowing via the internet is a new method of borrowing. The loans that you take out on the internet are also called mini loans, small loans, fast loans or flash loans. With these loans, you can borrow small amounts at lightning speed. A loan application is also easy and fast! In addition, a loan via the internet has the nice side-effect that you do not pay any interest on these loans! However, a disadvantage of these loans is that you have to have the money available again in a reasonably short time, usually, a repayment term of one month is used.

How much can I now borrow money?

What are the exact amounts of these loans on the internet? You can borrow all the amounts of your choice between 50 and 1000 euros. You decide how much that is exactly. You can choose to borrow 1000 euros for your holiday, but also smaller amounts such as 600 euros for a new television or 200 euros for textbooks is possible. What you do with the money does not matter for the providers of these loans, you will not get any questions about that.

Now borrow money without conditions

Pleasant to the loans that you take out via the internet is that you do not have to meet certain conditions. Now borrowing money without work is, therefore, possible for everyone. Regardless of whether you have work or not, whether you are on the blacklist and what documents you do or do not have. Also, the level of your income does not matter or from which you acquire it. However, you have to take into account that you must be at least 21 years old for these loans.

I want to borrow money now

Do you think I want to borrow money now without work and are you interested in taking out a loan through the internet? You can arrange this directly without it costing you! You only have to search the internet for providers of these loans. There are several, but once you have made a choice with which provider you want to borrow you can fill in the application form. It is wise to carefully read the conditions in advance. After your request, you will immediately receive an SMS for confirmation. After that, you can assume that you have the money on your account the same day, but with many loan providers, this only takes 10 minutes! Now borrowing money without work is always an option!

Apply for Quick Credits or Personal Loans

OutDirect  belongs to the OutDirect Group, the leading financial institution in the Netherlands and one of the largest in the world, whose activity is centered around three major business areas: insurance, banking and asset management. This bank also offers quick loans although we all know it for being a bank that offers savings accounts and for its slogan,  Fresh Banking,  which means always looking for the easiest way to do things.  So, when it comes to getting extra money to make any project or need come true, OutDirect customers with a payroll account  can access  personal loans without any paperwork.

Fast credits from OutDirect are pre-granted, simple and tailored to you, so you can use the money for what you need to make a trip, pay a debt, start a business, buy a car or whatever you can think of. You are free to choose how you are going to use your money that you have requested in personal loans.

How to contract a personal loan in OutDirect?

How to contract a personal loan in OutDirect?

To request a personal loan from OutDirect  click here  and access the personal loans option within the Mortgages and loans section.  Then enter the amount of your loan that has to be between € 3000 and € 60000 and the repayment term in months. The repayment term has to be from 12 to 45 months. To be able to access a personal loan from OutDirect you have to be a client of this bank or become a client by clicking the button Become a customer.

How does it work?

How does it work?

If you are a client, ING will study in advance if the pre-concession of the loan is viable and how much can be assigned to you. When you request your personal loan, OutDirect will carry out a final online check according to your risk criteria and  in the positive case, you will have the money in your account immediately, without formalities or signatures before a notary.

For this you have to be a client of OutDirect, but if you are not, do not worry, become a client hereonline and besides being able to request personal loans you can enjoy all the advantages that this bank offers.



The main advantages of OutDirect personal loans are their flexibility  and  simplicity  that they have and that you can use the money for whatever you want, being free for what you are going to use your borrowed money. Also that the quick credits offered are pre-granted, having made the bank and your study in advance, so you will have your money in your account immediately, without formalities or signatures before a notary. Another advantage is that you can request up to 5 partial loans as long as they do not exceed the pre-granted amount.

What fast credits does he offer you?

What fast credits does he offer you?

OutDirect offers you quick credits between € 3000 and € 60000 with a maturity of 12 to 45 months. You only have to select the desired amount and the due date of the loan and they indicate the amount you are going to pay each month. Click here to access OutDirect and request a loan online and confidentially. If you are not yet a client click here to become a client and then request your personal loan

As you can see, OutDirecty offers you facilities to request up to 5 personal loans with very good conditions. You can also check at  the best quick credits  and  the best mini fast credits  that exist in the market and compare them.

Credit despite existing loans


Not everything in life is always going the way it is wanted. Highs and lows alternate and ensure that we never get bored. Unfortunately, the ups and downs are not only about our emotionality but also about our finances. These also experience a constant up and down and sometimes require additional support. Also in the form of a loan, which always makes sense when urgent purchases have to be made. Then it can make sense to bridge the financial bottleneck with the help of a loan.

If a loan is needed more often, then taking out the loan can be a bit more difficult. Because every credit weakens the credit rating. If a loan is searched for despite existing loans, it may be that the credit rating for the borrowing of further credit is no longer sufficient. The banks would simply reject the loan application or attach special conditions to its allocation.

What must the credit rating look like?

A cheap loan requires a good credit rating. This has always been and will always be the case. Because the banks and savings banks have no money to give away and therefore look very carefully to whom they borrow their money. For you, as a borrower, this means that you must always ensure that your credit rating is at an acceptable level. Whether it’s your first loan or you’re looking for a loan despite existing loans.

You can achieve a good credit rating if you have a private credit, which has no negative entries, can show a fixed income, which is well above your expenses and also call a permanent residence in Germany your own. Your age can also be crucial when it comes to assessing your credit rating. Too young or too old is always unfavorable. Therefore, be at least 18 years old but no more than 60 years to have the best chance of getting a loan despite existing loans.

Where is there a loan despite existing loans?

Where is there a <a href=loan despite existing loans?” />

If you want to make borrowing as easy as possible, then simply take out the loan over the Internet. Use our comparison calculator, which presents you the best loan offers in real time without much effort and without the input of personal data. Just think about how much money you want to borrow and how long you want to pay it back to the bank. Remember always your existing loans and their term. Not that you end up financially and fall into the debt trap.

If you plan to take out a large loan despite existing loans, then you should always agree on the possibility of free special repayments and early repayment in the loan agreement. So you remain flexible during the repayment and can react quickly, if there is a better loan offer, which encourages debt restructuring.

You should also reconsider whether you do not want to combine all existing loans into a large loan. This would make it easier for you to repay, cut costs and reduce your monthly exposure. However, this would only be possible if a free early replacement was agreed for the existing loans. Otherwise, it may happen that the cost of debt restructuring is so high that no financial relief can be achieved. After all, you have several loans that would then have to be dissolved.

Regional, subsidized loans to help children study at the University

Good news for the employees of the Sicilian Region who can enjoy subsidized loans to help their children enroll in university and allow them a good study plan. To allow it was the extraordinary commissioner Falvio Bellomen, who signed the regulation published by the Pension Fund, which in turn was approved by the Finance Law.

The offices explain that the funds had been available for some time thanks to the Region’s pension fund, where the contributions from the regions end, the novelty now is that new opportunities have arisen and the Fund can provide two types of subsidized loans : those for general purposes and that to allow a course of study and enrollment in the university of their children.

General subsidized loans and university students

General subsidized loans can be of two types: based on duration and amount. With regard to three-year loans, they can not exceed the threshold of 10 thousand euros. The six-month Interbank rate with a rate of 200 points is applied to the subsidized amount. Let us not forget the “penalty” that the employee will suffer. In fact, it will pay a withholding tax of 0.50 percent for administrative expenses, while 1.5 percent will be a contribution to a risk fund.

According to the offices of the Fund is a low penalty compared to all other loans that come to 6.7 percent, compared to four percent of this type of subsidized loans. For those who want something different, there is a multi-year subsidized loan, to be reimbursed by deduction from salary or pension. It can also be requested by the employee who has a fixed-term contract of not less than 3 years. The duration varies from 5 to 10 years and an amount exceeding 40 thousand euros can not be requested.

The annual interest rate of the six-month Interbank plus 300 points is also applied here. There is also a one-off payment of 180 euros for administrative expenses and 1.50 percent of the contribution to the provision for risks. It definitely improves the condition for employees who need to enroll their children in university courses, post-graduate courses or internships.

Soft loans for university students

The situation changes for the better, in fact on the gross amount the six-month Interbank rate is applied with an increase from 100 points up to 400, variable rate based on the monthly net salary received. For those who earn up to 1,500 euros the best conditions exist, above the three thousand euros the rate rises to the maximum.

In this case the duration varies from 5 to 10 years and at most the loans can reach 20 thousand euros. Rolando Gregorio, manager of the Fund, explains that new opportunities are being considered for the regional authorities and to make them even more easier on loans, he concludes by saying: “Soon we could launch the sale of credit on the mortgage already issued by the banks. Those who retire today did not have a good leave. So a regional early retirement at 61 will have to wait until the age in which the requirement will mature, ie 67 years, then two years since the choice was voluntary and finally the sum will be paid in three tranches. The sale allows you to get a good result immediately in exchange by paying an interest rate “.

Take out credit: In 9 steps to the wish loan

4. The annual percentage rate

The current low interest rate phase is a gift for borrowers. As a result of the financial crisis, the European Central Bank under Mario Drake has lowered its key interest rates drastically. Rarely have the interest rates been cheaper than in recent years! Before you decide on a loan, go through the following points in turn.

1. The amount of the loan

In many cases, the loan amount is insufficient. It requires an expensive refinancing. Expect more expenses from the beginning. If less money is needed, you may be able to repay the loan sooner. Of course, you should also consider your savings. The more money you have in the back, the tighter you can calculate.

2. Financial capacity

A loan is repaid in monthly installments. These should be able to serve them to avoid a debt trap. How much money is available to you each month? A single may be more generous than the family man. If you have two children, you can not just change the apartment for rent reduction.

Rule of thumb: About three net monthly salaries must be in reserve on your call money account.

The funding plan should include a longer illness or unexpected unemployment. With low installment loans, no such detailed planning is necessary. Here it is sufficient to roughly skip the financial conditions. If you already have several loans with expensive terms, rescheduling could be beneficial.

3. House bank or online loan?

3. House bank or <a href=online loan?”>

In the store higher prices are required. The bank has to pay rent and staff, which does not apply on the internet. Thus, direct banks can offer more favorable interest conditions, from which you benefit as a customer. Some of them even advise you by phone to solve even complex credit issues.

Tip: In the end, the low interest rates speak clearly for the online loan.

The only advantage of a branch bank is a local contact, which you no longer need after graduation. Modern online banks can be reached almost around the clock while you need to make an appointment with the regional consultant.

4. The annual percentage rate

The effective interest rate indicates the total burden on the borrower. Therefore, this indicator is crucial for the choice of the loan.

Some chain stores try to lure advertisers with low offers, but caution is advised. Often this is an interest rate that is only granted to those with a high salary. When applying, criteria such as the Schufa score and the personal credit rating can have a negative impact on the annual percentage rate of charge.

The effective interest rate is made up of these factors:
– Processing fees
– Disagio (discount) and agio (premium)
– nominal interest rate
– Premiums and commissions

5. Duration of repayment

5. Duration of repayment

The term of a loan is up to you. Think about your financial circumstances: Extend the repayment to several years, the monthly burden is limited. On the other hand, the interest rates are a little higher than if you opt for larger monthly installments.

Try to pay off all debts until retirement. Focus on the term of long-term loans on the expected retirement date.

6. Smart fixed interest period

It pays to think about the fixed interest period. Within this period, the interest rate is fixed. That can be 5, 10 or 15 years. Depending on the offer shorter or individual deadlines are possible. In a low-interest phase, the longest possible fixed-interest period is recommended. If interest rates rise after a few years, take advantage of your cheap loan. The ECB is currently pursuing a policy of low interest rates, but that can change at any time.

If the interest rates are cheaper after 12 years, there is a simple way out: The legislature offers you the possibility of rescheduling. After 10 years you can get out of a loan without prepayment penalty. Since the bank can not do anything about it, because that is valid German law.

7. Additional special repayments

7. Additional special repayments

Longer durations should be associated with special repayments. These are payments that reduce the debt by up to 5 percent annually. This way, you can repay the loan more quickly so that you no longer have any debts. Whether you use this option is entirely up to you. If you have other expenses, you can waive the special repayment.

8. Save processing fees

Some banks charge up to 2 percent on installment loans. That does not have to be, because there are also toll-free offers. Alternatively, a pro rata reimbursement for early installment loan repayment is possible.

9. The best conditions

To get the right offer, you need to make a credit comparison. He helps you to find the optimal conditions. Important key figures are the loan amount, the repayment start, the terms and the amount of the monthly repayment installment. Always use the same ratios for a credit comparison.

Tip: As a basis, you should choose the effective interest rate because it includes all charges. Some banks advertise with low debit interest, but hidden ancillary costs may be included here.